Why Propecia 5mg is considered as the best dosage to treat hair loss?

propecia 5mg

It is regarded as the best drug to treat hair loss in men, and it is also the only FDA-approved oral drug used for this purpose. The standard dosage strengths in which it is available are 1mg and 5mg. The 1mg dose is the one that is typically prescribed for male pattern baldness. However, for some users the best dosage that is also the most effective one is Propecia 5mg.

The treatments are innumerable and they come in different forms. Propecia is among the few that cause definitive results and improvement in the condition being treated. The drug can essentially help with stopping hair loss and also in inducing the growth of new follicles in place of the lost ones. Using the drug in the right dosage can work wonders in improving one’s scalp and the hair on it. Although these pills are not suited for someone who is completely bald, it is one of the surest ways to deal with the problem. Read on to know why the 5mg pills are considered to be the best when it comes to treating hair loss.

How can Propecia 5mg help with hair loss?

To understand the benefits of taking Propecia 5mg, it helps to first know how the drug actually works for improving the condition. The hair loss medication essentially suppresses the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Any time there is excess DHT in the system, the imbalance of androgens results in the hair follicles weakening and shedding as a result. In men, the hair loss typically occurs in a pattern. Since Propecia brings down the DHT levels, the existing follicles can strengthen and new ones can take root as well.

The user would have to take the drug for six months or more in order to see the benefits. Those with severe hair loss may see only mild results. A simple change in the dosage, like switching to the 5mg dose, would indeed make a difference. The 5mg allows for greater suppression of DHT, which is why it is regarded as the best one to use.

How to safely take Propecia 5mg for hair loss?

Despite the efficacy of Propecia 5mg, the way to take the high dosage is with the help of the healthcare provider. This is because the doctor will establish the severity of the problem and assess if the increased 5mg dose would be suitable for you or not. The pill use comes with the risk of sexual side effects and regular blood tests may also be required. The benefit of the drug can be fully experienced only with medical supervision. It is recommended to avoid self-medicating. The dose may be increased gradually according to how the user responds to the hair loss medication. Follow the dosing guidelines provided by the doctor for Propecia 5mg in order to be able to see the benefits over the drug course.