Propecia and Finasteride – Are they same?

Propecia and Finasteride

These are the hair growth medication and are nothing but the brand as well as generic versions. However, there is a slight variation among them. Propecia is the medication that is manufactured by Merck and it isthe first formulation. The drug would contain 1mg finasteride. So it means that Finasteride is the active ingredient that is present in Propecia medication.

What are the differences between Propecia and Finasteride?

Propecia would contain 1mg Finasteride as well as other inactive ingredients. In case of generic Variant, the amount of Finasteride and the inactive elements would vary a lot depending on the generic manufacturing company.

These elements do not contribute anything to treat male pattern baldness but it can be used as a binding agent.

There are chances that a person would experience certain change when they switch from Propecia to Finasteride. There would also be some variance in the ill effects that they are suffering from.

Is it possible to benefit from generic Propecia?

Yes, it is possible that you can get benefit while taking generic Propecia. These pills are also proven to grow hair in men who suffer from male pattern baldness. But for those men who have plans to switch from brand to generic then they have to consult with a doctor.

Initially, you might not experience any positive effects but when the time passes by, your body gets adapted to Finasteride and it would start to react to this thus the hair growth begins.

What should you check in generic Propecia before taking it for the treatment?

You have to check the particular generic variant that you are going to take is approved or not. Finasteride should also be available in the different dosage strengths similar to the brand medication.

It is equally important to check whether the generic medication is similar to the Propecia brand in terms of purity, strength and quality.

Though generic Propecia is a great alternative to the brand, you have to check the source that you are going to procure the medication from. Since it is a popular drug and millions of people are using it, there are many counterfeit pills in the market.

You have to get Finasteride or Propecia from the right source or else there are possibilities of receiving counterfeit pills that might hinder with your health condition.

What should you take to treat male pattern baldness? Propecia or Finasteride?

This answer totally depends on you. A person who is more concerned about proper research and does not mind about spending money to get a medication then they can go about getting Propecia pills. Brand drugs are always expensive as it would be available only in premium price.

On the other side, if you are very much bothered about the price and looking for an affordable medication then Finasteride is the right choice for you.

Since there is chance for both the medications to stimulate hair growth, it is sure that you would not be disappointed choosing one.