Provigil vs Lunesta

The quality of sleep well determines the health of a person and any problems in it can have a decisive impact on the person’s psychology too. The problems associated with sleep can be categorized into two, one being struck with the feeling of drowsy state most of the time and the other is the issue of being unable to sleep. Provigil and Lunesta are the two drugs which are being prescribed widely for treating the respective problems.  When a person is incapable of maintaining the necessary alertness, engaging in any activity would be a difficult proportion and it may also lead to the career getting hit. Similarly when people are not able to avail the normal stipulated hours of sleep the health is severely affected and goes to the extent of inhibiting the common day to day functions. It is in this perspective parallels are being drawn between Provigil and Lunesta on different factors to comprehend their performance and also the relief they can offer to the affected individuals.

The Fundamentals – Provigil and Lunesta

Provigil is a drug that is promoted and prescribed for the patients to induce wakefulness. The medication is understood to significantly modify the chemical substances in the central nervous system. The chemical substances exist in the brain naturally for every person and are also called as neurotransmitters. Provigil finds extensive utility in being used as a remedy for curing excessive sleepiness that occurs in a person on account of ailments like sleep apnea or narcolepsy. Excessive drowsiness also arises out of issues pertaining to career choices that are because of shift work sleep disorder. Lunesta is a sedative and the drug is also labelled as a hypnotic. The medication directly acts on the chemical elements in the brain which would have gone off balance in individuals specifically having a tough time with sleep disorders like insomnia. The drug has a definitive effect on the mind of the person who takes the pill and induces a relaxation effect prompting the person to not just fall asleep, but also remain in the sleepy state.

Concluding between Provigil and Lunesta

Both of these two medications have their own health ailments to treat and their mechanisms are highly different from the dosage levels to the side effects and multiple other factors. Both of the medicines have proven their worth as is backed by the experience of the patients and the research undertaken. Any intake of these medications should certainly be preceded by a consultation with the doctor and administered accordingly.