What are the various payment options available at an online pharmacy and how safe are they?

safe payment options at online pharmacy

An online pharmacy would provide customers with various payment options and they can choose one from it. These options would also vary from one place to another. In this blog, we are going to look about the most common payment option that an internet based pharmacy provides to you.

Credit card

In most of the sites, you can see this option because most of the customers would like to prefer this method. However, it is very important that you have to ensure whether it is safe for you to use this method in the selected site. Some internet pharmacies do not have a secured network to protect the details of the customers.

If you have chosen a site from this category then there is a chance that your credit card details would be mishandled by the third party or an intruder. Go for the legit sites to safeguard your details.

Debit card

Debit card is the second most common payment option used by the customers. They pay their money which is there in their account. This is not the first preference because it is not possible to procure bulk orders with debit card. This is also not very much safe because, when your card number and pin number gets stolen, other person can easily use it to take your money.

Cash on delivery

This is the safest payment method. You need not have to bother about the delay in the package; need not have to think about getting cheated because you would be paying for the pills only when you receive the parcel. Though it is very safe not all mail order pharmacies provide COD option.

Net banking

Net banking is also provided by many mail order pharmacies. You just not have to provide any detail about your credit card or debit card number, instead your customer Id and password is more than enough pay the bills.

Even though this might seem easy, convenient and secure you still need to take certain precautionary measures for using this option.


This would be the option for those who want to do payment transactions in a secure way.  You need to create an account for this and convert the money into bitcoins. Here, nobody will be able to access your bank account and mishandle your money. This facility is only available to those who live in the United States and not to those who belong to other countries.

Go for selecting a genuine pharmacy online as it would take some measures to protect your information and you can also be stress free during the purchase of the required medications.