The best diet plan to follow while on Phentermine

Phentermine diet plan

A healthy diet is very much important when you are on weight loss treatment. There are many diets available in the internet.Some diet plan would say to avoid carbohydrates completely whereas some diet would tell you to take little carbs and it is obvious that you would get confused on what to choose and what not to choose. But, here we would tell you the best diet plan to be followed while on Phentermine medication.

What to eat while taking Phentermine?

The best choice is to eat lots of fruits and vegetables. If you are used to eating rice then you can reduce the proportion of its intake and increase the quantity of vegetables. Always calculate the calorie of what you are eating then proceed.You can start your day with a salad which involves white meat. For example, take tuna salad with hummus and honey mustard.This is a 230 calorie diet. Just tear the lettuce and keep it as a bed on the plate. Now add two servings of vegetables, chopped celery, and tuna fish. Put honey mustard over this salad along with hummus.

This would be really filling as well as healthy. This salad is rich in protein and it would be very helpful while taking Phentermine. Always make sure that you eat right. Know that you have to eat in order to help the weight loss process. Do not even try to eat any fried or unhealthy foods during the treatment. Phentermine would suppress the appetite hence a person can eat very less. If you are taking unhealthy diet when on hunger then it is not possible for you take the right healthy diet. This would cause you to go lacking in the necessary nutrients, protein and carbs in the body.For the lunch, you can take veg or non veg soup with vegetables and rice (optional). Similarly at night, go for grains, vegetables and avoid fruits after its evening. Avoid drinking fruit juices instead eat it. This would help your stomach to be full without hunger.

Can you eat tasty food while taking Phentermine?

Yes you can take tasty foods while on Phentermine medication. Even healthy foods are very much tasty. You have plenty of options as there are different varieties of fruits, vegetables, grains, lettuce and legumes.

Plan a healthy diet according to your need. Make sure that you do not prepare the same salad again and again as there are chances for you to get bored. The hunger would be suppressed by Phentermine but it does not help you to burn calories. This would be done only with the help of regular exercise.

Can I get a diet plan from a dietician?

Yes, this would be the best option. This is because; the need of each and every person would be different. A particular diet would not be suitable for everyone. Even in this blog, we have mentioned some suggestions on what can be taken during Phentermine treatment. But, still some people might be confused on how to eat right.

Consulting with the dietician would help you in this case. They would check the weight of the person, health issues, cholesterol level and BMI. This would help them to get a clear picture on what a person can eat along with taking Phentermine pills.

Do I need to take any tablets along with Phentermine?

Yes, you might be prescribed to take multivitamin pills during the Phentermine therapy. However when you plan the diet there might be any chance for your food to be lackingin some nutrients required the body. So, to compensate this, multivitamin pills can be taken. You can select the appropriate medication with the help of a doctor. Always remember that, Phentermine works well to lose weight only taken with a healthy diet and regular exercise. So, you can follow these and achieve your weight goal.