The New Adderall Experiment for Adult ADD/ADHD

adderall for ADHD

This blog is about my personal experience with the medication. I would like to share my new Adderall experiment for Adult ADHD.

Day 1

I took adderall with dosage strength of 5mg early in the morning. After few minutes, I could feel that I am calm without any anxiousness. The drug relieved my preoccupied mind and helped to stay focused. Due to this, I decided to drive and get my few works done. To tell frankly, I have never been so alert while driving and this really gave the confidence. I took my second dosage of the day which is 5mg at 11am. I already feel awake but I took this dose as it was instructed to do so. Because of this additional dose, I was awake throughout the day.

Day 2

Today, I took Adderall 5mg pill at 7 in the morning and I thought of completing lot of works. I went to the garden and believed of clearing unwanted bushes. My mind is so focused that I did all my works very easily. Since this is a Trial and Error experiment, let me quit taking the second dose for the day and check what happens.

After 2pm, I felt little tired and I am not focused like I was in the morning. It was difficult for me but definitely not horrible.

Six weeks

It’s been six weeks that I am taking Adderall and I am happy about the effects that it provides on me. Till date I have never suffered from any side effects. I am planning to stick to the same minimal dosage strength as it was more than enough for me.

Six months

I have increased my dosage strength to 10mg in a day. As I thought 5mg is not enough for me. Since I developed tolerance, my doctor increased my dosage strength. I got a new job and this job requires multitasking. Thanks to the Adderall medication, this is the only reason why I am able to manage my job as well as my home.

One year

My life is very happy because of no restlessness and anxiousness. I got a peaceful mind which is always a dream for adults who are suffering from ADHD. I am taking 10mg dose every day and it makes me active and not over active.

This is the lowest dosage strength for Adderall medication but it is appropriate for me. Sometimes, I would experience ill effects but that would fade away in few minutes.

This new Adderall experiment on Adult ADHD was really very successful. My healthcare professional was there with me to guide during the experimental period. I have planned to halt taking Adderall for few weeks and then go about taking it again. This helped me not to get addicted to this medication.

There is a myth that if you get affected by ADHD it means it’s the end of life. But the fact is that, with Adderall life is still possible. This medication really helped me to live a life that others are experiencing. I started to notice each and every aspect in my surroundings which I have never done before. I am too much in to real life than in an imaginary world. Thanks to Adderall, this drug is assisting me till date.