Tramadol – The ideal drug for Pain Relief

Tramadol the ideal drug for Pain Relief

Pain differs from person to person based on the person perception of what pain is. The most preferred way for treating physical pain is by physical therapy. But in the present world where time is given great importance physical therapy is hard to implement. Nowadays there are a lot of medications for pain which is ideal for people who value time.

Why Tramadol?

Tramadol (marketed as Ultram) is mainly used for the treatment of moderate to severe pain. It works on your body by targeting the nervous system and brain. Tramadol could be used in circumstances of accidents, injuries and also in treating long term pain. This reduces the pain you feel on your body. There are different forms, types , strengths and brands of tramadol. When taken, tramadol takes about one hour to have an effect on the body. In the case of extremely severe pain, morphine is preferred over tramadol.

Can Tramadol be prescribed for everyone?

Even though tramadol is very useful for pain relief, it is not advised for everyone. Depending upon the health conditions of different people its usage also differs. It is not advised for women to take tramadol pills during lactation and during pregnancy as it could stimulate reversible withdrawal effects in newborns. It should not be prescribed for children under the age of 17 as it would induce breathing problems. People taking medications for other medical conditions should consult a doctor before taking tramadol as it is prone to react with other drugs.

Is Tramadol addictive?

It is almost impossible for people to become physically depended or addictive to Tramadol when compared to other pain relief medications. In fact, this drug is approved by FDA and is considered less addictive compared to other pain relief drugs. Even then, there is still a slight chance for people to get addicted to it. People who take a low amount of dosages for a short time have low chances to get addicted to it than people who take heavy dosages for a long period of time. These patients may exhibit withdrawal symptoms when stopped taking tramadol. Those taking the medication for a longer period of time tend to experience side effects like a headache, sweating, shock sensation in many parts of the body, mood swings, aggressive behavior, depression and anxiety disorder. So it is advised to consider all the side effects before getting prescribed for tramadol.

Can Tramadol be prescribed Online?

Yes, Tramadol could be prescribed online without a doctor’s written prescription. But there are a lot of online pharmacies out there, offering tramadol without a prescription. You have to choose the right online pharmacy that is certified by the right authorities. There are a lot of fake websites selling low-quality tramadol. Be careful not to get trapped in those sites. The best thing to do is to buy drugs from online pharmacies which are FDA approved.