Tramadol Vs Vicodin

Getting through pain whether mild or severe is really a tough battle. A person who has been in any physical pain will know the wrath of the pain and how hard it is to overcome such a grave pain. Pain in the body comes in various forms and it can result due to numerous factors. Some people suffer from body pain due to deteriorating organs in the body, some get pain from injuries, others have pain like toothache, backache, headache, muscle ache, joint aches etc. But with the availability of excellent pain killers these days, dealing with pain is no more going to be an agony. Painkillers like Tramadol and Vicodin work extraordinarily well in the body and relieve the symptoms of pain in a very short time leaving the person de-stressed. If you would like to know more about tramadol and Vicodin and how they can work to relieve the torment, this blog will be of great help to you.

Tramadol and Vicodin in brief

Tramadol is a narcotic like pain reliever and can relieve any kind of pain ranging between moderate to severe. It belongs to a group of medications known as opioid analgesics. Tramadol is the generic version of the brand medicine Ultram. You can avail tramadol in extended release form which is used for round the clock pain treatment. This drug is similar to narcotic analgesics and is believed to work in the brain to change how your body feels and reacts to pain. This medicine is also used to relieve pain that is caused post-surgery. The extended release form of tramadol is used for treating chronic and ongoing pain. Tramadol is recommended only for short term use and is available only upon issuing a valid doctor’s prescription.

Vicodin on the other hand is a combination of acetaminophen and hydrocodone. Acetaminophen is a non-narcotic pain reliever which is slightly less potent and increases the effects of hydrocodone, which is an opioid pain med. This drug can be used to relieve pain whether mild, moderate or severe.  The medicine is known to work in the brain and changes how your body endures and responds to pain. Vicodin also has the potency to reduce fever. Vicodin is available in the dosage strengths of 7.5mg/300mg and 10mg/300mg with hydrocodone and acetaminophen in appropriate proportions.

Choosing the better alternative, tramadol or Vicodin?

Both tramadol and Vicodin are highly effective in treating pain. They have the ability to tolerate different levels of pain. The only issue with these meds is that they can be addictive. But tramadol works in a way that is different from the other. Tramadol works to affect the way the brain perceives pain while Vicodin alters the way the brain reacts to pain. The thing with both of these meds is that neither of them lasts for a longer period. You will have the need to take another dose after four to six hours. However, Vicodin is thought to last little longer in the long run as it is the most sought after drug by major physicians and it has also achieved huge prominence in the medical industry. People are quite familiar with Vicodin when compared to tramadol.

Tramadol is also a good option for people who want an equally effective competitor but for a lower price. No matter which drug you choose, you are bound to become habitual if you take these meds on a continuous basis. If you want to pick one among the duos, then you could opt for a trial pack when you need relief from your pain, but only after consulting the doctor.