How Canadian online pharmacies are different from online pharmacies in US?

Us vs Canadian online pharmacies

There are many differences between a Canadian online pharmacy and an US mail order pharmacy. In this blog, we are going to know about it in detail.

Two different countries

Both these pharmacies belongs to two different countries hence they have their own rules and regulations. In the United States, the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) checks the online pharmacy that belongs to their country and approves it whereas Canada health does these checks in their country.

Price control rules

US online drug manufacturers have no price control rules and they can fix the rate of the medication as per their wish. The government believes that these rules would degrade the research process. These have a great impact on the price of the medication which is ultimately high.

In Canada, their government enforces price control rules and this reflects on the cost of the medication. If you check the price of pills in a Canadian online pharmacy, it would be very affordable.

Varieties of medications

Choosing a Canadian drugstore would help you to get different drugs that are not available in the United States. In fact, you might get the medication that is manufactured in different parts of the world in the site.Not only the medication, but people can also get drugs with different dosage strengths in the site.

Pay less for authentic drugs

This is a major difference between Canadian and US portals. In the United States, if you need an approved medication that is in top class quality then you would be paying thousands of dollars.

But, this is not the situation in Canada. Not only their citizens but all the patients who live across the world and are in need of the drugs can procure high quality pills at a cheaper rate.

US citizens prefer Canadian sites

Most of the citizens would prefer Canadian websites to lessen their medical expense but very few Canadian people opt for an US online drugstore. It is found in a survey that residents are happy about the effectiveness that pills that are procured from the Canadian portal provides on them. They also add that, these sites help them to save money even if they do not have insurance or if it does not coverthe price of the drug. This not possible in the US and getting the medication without insurance would put a hole in their pocket.

Lesser shipping rate

Since Canada is a neighbor country of the US, the residents of the latter need not worry about the shipping rate. Both the US and Canadian drugstores would approximately havethesame delivery rate.

Discounts and offers

Discounts and offers are very much common in Canadian online pharmacies and it is a bolt from the blue for the US online medical stores. The working procedure of Canada makes it possible and people can make use of it.

Online doctor consultation

A Canadian site would accept the prescription that is provided by a doctor in the US and if you do not have one then they would allow you to do an online doctor consultation. The Vice versa of this is impossible in the United States.

The consultation charge would also be very less in Canadian sites so people are very happy about it and keep on using these websites.