Buying Adderall, like other chemical formulations drugs, must be carefully considered and with following strict directions. It is a pill that is used to treat ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and narcolepsy. People who do not follow the recommendations given by a health care facilitator or a pharmacist are bound to face unforeseen circumstances. Long-term side effects are the physical and mental changes that occur in the body after using Adderall longer than the duration that is specified by the doctor. Sometimes these side effects may be long term and linger even after few months.

Although Adderall is prescribed for treating attention deficit disorder, as this pill increases the focus and the ability to concentrate, many youngsters tend to abuse this pill. It produces a euphoria-like feeling which is also why most people can be attracted to it and eventually get addicted to it. Some people have also noticed reducing appetite while using this pill and abuse this pill as a weight loss medicine. Given its potential for all these off-label uses, we decided to discuss the side effects of abusing this pill or using it for a longer duration.

Long-term side effects triggered due to heavy use of Adderall XR

Given below are some of the long-terms side effects of Adderall

Although emotional side effects are more predominant occurrences of Adderall addiction, some physical side effects do occur. These side effects are given below

What causes the long-term side effects?

This ADHD pill is categorized as a central nervous system stimulant and it works to increase the attention levels and focus on an individual. To promote the mood levels of an individual, this pill also increases the levels of feel-good hormones in the brain which are norepinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine. In the actual sense, this pill does not help to produce more hormones but just prevents their reabsorption into the brain. So in the long-run brain starts to think that are enough neurotransmitters and stop producing them gradually. But as the increased levels of the chemicals in the brain is actually due to the influence of Adderall, when one stops taking this pill their mood start to go down due to not enough neurotransmitters and people experience depressed mood as a result.

Moreover, using Adderall for a long time can cause the brain to get used to the medicine and as a result, one needs to be increased dosage to get the same amount of relief that they used to get previously. Eventually, even the highest dosage would not be enough to get the desirable result. Although it might not give any positive result with the highest dosage, it definitely does not hold back in producing negative results such as side effects of overdose and physical dependency. But all these problems only occur when the pill is not taken based on the recommendations from a doctor.

What are the factors that increase the probability of side effects?

There are few factors that increase the chances of being addicted to the pill and result in the aforementioned side effects. Some of them are indicated below