What are the ways to prevent erectile dysfunction?


The problem of erectile dysfunction is looming large and is prevalent in large numbers in different age strata of men. It is defined in simple terms as the inability to control the action of penis during the physical contact. It is also understood to be a hydraulic effect where the flow of blood is regulated into the chambers appearing like soft sponges located inside the penis region. The activity is set in motion when the signals from the brain region travel to the nerves forming part of the penis. There are also other common ailments like diabetes and heart related problems that can adversely impact on the different internal parts of the body.

Best methods to prevent erectile dysfunction

Having a check on the diet habits

People need to know what the main constituents of the food they eat are and what sort of impact it can have on the body and also the positive outcomes by way of nourishment. The food consumed plays a decisive role in getting appropriate erection and if there is malnourishment or poor food habits it is sure to have a resultant effect in the erection of the penis that is dysfunction of the organ. Few of the dietary habits were analyzed and were found to have the capability of affecting the amount of blood flow into the coronary arteries and thereby restricting the blood flow into the penis and there are also good chances of the person suffering a heart attack due to the problem. A reasonably better quantum of blood flow is required to make the person achieve erection of the penis. One of the tough facts that may be even difficult to believe is the consumption of fried food items very frequently and lower presence of vegetables in the daily food as causes for the problem.

Enhance Body weight healthily

Severe health problems owe their occurrence mainly due to the excessive body weight and in worst case scenarios it can also lead to ailments like type two diabetes which is completely detrimental to a healthy body. As a consequence of suffering from diabetes, the nerves also get affected resulting in impeding the flow of blood to the penis region and causing erectile dysfunction.

Minimizing excessive cholesterol and high blood pressure

The blood vessels carrying blood to the penis get drastically affected if a person is presently diagnosed with issues like high cholesterol and abnormally high blood pressure. The final outcome is the misery of erectile dysfunction. The pragmatic move at his moment is to consult a doctor and ensure the cholesterol and blood pressure levels are brought to the normal levels in the body by medication. At certain medical centers the checking of blood pressure and cholesterol is done without any payments received. The development of science and technology has also bought out handy devices to monitor blood pressure at home. It is not possible to achieve appropriate erection if a person suffers from high blood pressure. The arteries also get damaged due to the excessive blood pressure.

Prohibiting Alcohol Consumption

There have not been enough valid reports to verify that drinking liquor causes problems like erectile dysfunction, but excessive consumption of alcohol can lead to severely affecting the liver and the nerves.  The sex hormone levels also gets disturbed and the imbalance causes erectile dysfunction. Sensing the problems it can create it is better to refrain from consuming alcohol.

Exercising daily

Following a poor lifestyle is also one of the reasons for experiencing erectile dysfunction.  Regularly jogging or swimming is also known to prevent erectile dysfunction. Aerobic exercises too have proved to be a deterrent in preventing the problem.  Forms of exercise that channelize more pressure to the perineum area cause blockade in the flow of blood to the penis. The part suffers to a larger extent due to the pressure exerted on it. Studies also say cycling too can result in erectile dysfunction. In a normal life, there may be many instances of men cycling and wearing padded pants for pedaling.

Sustaining the levels of Testosterone

The sheer drop of testosterone levels is routinely observed in men aged over 50. Every successive year when they hit the age of 40 there is a fall in the testosterone level which is noted to be around 1.3%. The reasons propounded for this issue are low on sex drive, loss of stamina and arriving at wrong conclusions can result in poor erections. Deficiency in testosterone is one of the main reasons for erectile dysfunction.

Avoid Smoking

When a person smokes cigarettes it impairs the blood vessels in the body and that again causes hurdles in the flow of blood to the penis. The main element is the nicotine present in the cigarettes that contracts the blood vessels which again is the reason for minimum blood flow to the penis.

Avoiding problematic intercourse

Problems might occur in the form of physical injuries if one engages in physical intercourse all of sudden without planning. Adequate time needs to be taken to get the positions right to prevent problems in erection.  It may also require the advice of the physician to what exactly do in the intercourse session and follow it correctly.