What does FDA say about the purchase of Meridia online?

FDA say about meridia online purchase

The birth of online pharmacies led a revolutionary change in the pharmaceuticals industry in the late 21st century. In the previous times, people had to walk to their nearest drug store to buy medicines. There was an unpleasant scenario that most wouldn’t know the price details which would either make them go default from buying Meridia. Even the availability of the Meridia might be a question there. All these unpleasantness was counter acted by the arrival of online pharmacy; one needn’t be worried about the price because each online pharmacy displays a detailed price quote along with the actual product image. This gives the buyer ultimate freedom while choosing the amount and product.

But all the action comes with an equal and opposite reaction, on one side the online pharmacies are growing like a bamboo tree, whereas on the other we have illegal supply and sales boom. The early predecessor of the addiction was natural leaves and plants, but the knowledge that one would find the same kick on therapeutic drugs led a whole number of people to use drugs like Meridia without any look backs. But the fact is, Meridia and other siblings are drugs which acts directly with brain their by altering the way one thinks. Thus this came with some serious side effects finally leading to death. Meridia used as an appetite suppressor which help to treat people suffering from obesity. Though Meridia works like magic, it comes with some serious side effects like cardio vascular failure and renal failure. Thus the FDA was forced to take legal actions on banning the drug, which finally ended up in withdrawal of the drug from market by the company.

Why authorities are strict about Meridia?

Meridia was sold as schedule IV drug across US. But there were also reported case for drug abuse regarding Meridia which was obtained without prescription and online. Apart from that a lot of counterfeit products exploiting the name of Meridia and its generic name was notoriously sold online. This created a headache among the FDA officials and led to impose strict rules regarding the sales and supply of Meridia. Though the drug was intended for weight loss and control obesity, the reversal did happen as a side effect on some people.

The count of illegal online websites increased day by day on the sales of fake Meridia and other products. Apart from this, the side effects were the major reason which pressurized the online sales. FDA studied the report from SCOUT, a study done with Meridia users worldwide which concluded the adverse effect as positive. Though there are laws standing regarding the illegal sales of drugs online, people simply blow them in air to get the pleasure compensated. The health issues caused by Meridia was one important reason for their strict online sales, but one could find thousands of dealer online who would take all risk from ordering to delivery on the gratitude of one click.