What is it to Live With ADHD?

Live with ADHD

ADHD is a medical condition known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It is a common mental health disorder observed in children below 10-12 years of age and in those who are in their transition phase from childhood to their adulthood. Children with these symptoms cannot control their outcomes. These behaviors will play a major role in their living, especially at home and school life. ADHD symptoms are not only seen in kids, but it can also be found on adults too. Hence, medicines like Adderall and Provigil can be used to control these symptoms.

It is to be noted that boys are three times most likely to be affected than girls, though the reason for this is not yet understood clearly. Kids with this problem know what their duties are, but they might have great difficulty in concentrating on their living, because, they might have trouble in focusing and struggle to concentrate on their work and won’t be in a position to idle in their place, due to some stress in their mind. Hence, it is highly advisable to consult a doctor because these can lead to mental stress and can even affect their sleeping.


The major symptoms of the disease is :

  • Often lose their concentration.
  • Can be easily distracted.
  • Can make careless mistakes
  • Cannot able to sit in one place
  • Can interrupt others.

These symptoms can be found on kids as well as adults. Hence, it is necessary to consult a doctor if you are having these symptoms. Adderall and Provigil 200mg are highly noted medicines for ADHD.


Adderall is a medicine that affects the central nervous system of the body and kills chemicals which stimulate the brain and nerves in the body which contributes to Inattention and Hyperactivity. You should not use Adderall in 30mg dosage, if you have high blood pressure, heart disease or history of alcohol and drug addiction

It is not advisable to take Adderall when you are pregnant, or having the plan to get pregnant. Hence, it is highly advisable to consult a doctor before taking Adderall. It is not recommended for use in children below 6 years of age.

Provigil is a medicine which is used to improve the sleeplessness in adults who will fell very sleepy in their day to day life due to some of the following sleeping disorders like Narcolepsy, Shift Work Disorder (SWD), etc., Provigil will not cure the sleeping disorder, but they will help to overcome these disorders but, this might help the sleeplessness which is caused by these disorders.

It is dangerous to take Provigil if you have symptoms like swelling in your face, tongue, or throat; rash skin; boils in your mouth, etc. It is dangerous to consume Provigil when you are pregnant, or having the plan to get pregnant. Hence, it is highly advisable to consult a doctor before consuming it. It is not recommended to children who are below 16 years of age to consume it without prescription.


There are problems to buy Adderall pills without the doctor prescription. But, these Adderall can be purchased in numerous online pharmacies which sell these type of medicines. The person who needs this drug can go to the particular sites and book their pills. You should make sure that the online store sells the correct and legal pills, because, the duplicate drug will cause serious problems and can even end up in the death of the individual.


YES. To be clear, there are a lot of legends who had suffered from this disease. Some of the men who had these symptoms and had reached great heights are, USA football goalkeeper Tim Howard, USA swimming legend Michael Phelps, American Actor Jim Carrey etc., These men have all been diagnosed with ADHD at their young ages, but yet they came out of this to become legends in their own game.

The best news is that people who are suffering from ADHD can be very successful in their lives and can even lead their lives like normal people if they can manage to control their symptoms and this can be achieved with proper medicines and treatment.