Where to buy Xenical over the counter?

buy xenical

Xenical is one of the most effective and unique weight loss medications available today, and a number of people look to buy the drug over the counter. Containing the active ingredient Orlistat, these pills have prescription status and it is required if you want to purchase this medication. Authentic pill can help tremendously in achieving the weight loss goals and even in keeping off lost weight, which is why online pharmacies are a good way to purchase real Xenical.

You may come across places offering Xenical without prescription or Xenical over the counter, but ideally a doctor should be consulted before consuming this weight loss pill. This is the reason why reputed internet pharmacies offer this drug over the counter but only after receiving the consultation from a healthcare provider online. Read on to see how you can buy Xenical over the counter online.

How do I buy Xenical over the counter?

Choose an online pharmacy that offers online doctor services. You can use this option to get the prescription and place the order for the weight loss medication online. The entire process is really very simple. What you have to do is to create an account online and fill in a questionnaire by detailing important information like medical history, age, weight, and any drugs currently being taken. These details will be reviewed by the certified healthcare provider online, and you can even get queries resolved if any. The Xenical online prescription would then be provided, and the same can be used to buy the pills in the desired quantity. Be sure to read the dosage instructions guidelines so that you take the pills as intended to provide the desired results. The pills would also be cheap you buy the drug online, which makes it very affordable and similar to buying a Xenical over the counter version.

Is there any other option to buy over the counter Xenical?

Xenical over the counter can be found too but this version is different. Available at half the dosage strength of the Xenical brand, Alli is an over the counter version of Orlistat. It contains the equivalent of 120mg Orlistat, while Alli contains just 60mg of Orlistat. These over the counter pills can be purchase from any place, be it the local brick and mortar drugstore or even online pharmacies. Other retail outlets are also likely to stock Alli and you can procure them easily. You can always try the Alli pills and see how they work for you before opting for the stronger dose. Over the counter Xenical should also be taken only according to the dosage instructions for best results. Be sure to buy only genuine Xenical over the counter so that you do not face any unwarranted adverse effects.