Why women are recommended to use lower dosage of Ambien?

lower dosage of Ambien for women

Ambien is very powerful sleeping aid drug and when taken by women it would stay in the body for a longer period of time. This just means that a woman would take longer time to metabolize the medication. Apart from this, Ambien would also cause various side effects in a woman. This is why, women are recommended to use lower dosage of the medication.

Women VS men

You would wonder why the FDA has announced to instruct Ambien with less dosage to women and not men. When this pill is administered to men, their body metabolizes the medication very quickly.

But, when women take this, the situation is not going to be the same as we mentioned earlier. When 10mg dose is taken by women, they would feel sleepiness even the next morning. Not only this, they would also not feel alert and might suffer a lot while driving.

This case is very difficult for women who drive to their work. When compared to women, men can perform better in driving the next morning after Ambien is taken. When the ingredients of the drug stay in the body for so long, it would continue doing its mechanism.

This pill is a sleep inducing medication and when taken with wrong dose, it would be difficult for a person to get up next morning.

What women should do while taking Ambien medication?

It is important that a woman should take Ambien with the dosage strength of 5mg. It is also essential that women follow various other instructions. If you are not sure that you would sleep for a period of seven to eight hours then you are not supposed to take the medication. So, if you are travelling in airplane or through any mode, it is better to avoid taking this drug.

Never take Ambien pill very late at night. You have to go to the bed on time by avoiding electronic devices only then it is possible for you to get up properly in the next morning.

Is it necessary to follow the reduction in the dosage strength of Ambien?

If you are a woman then you should follow the instruction that is provided by the FDA. Take only the dose that is instructed to you. The reduction also applies to the extended release tablets. If you are a woman who is taking extended release tablets then you have to take the pills with the dosage strength of 6.25mg rather than taking 12.5mg.

Do you get proper effectiveness even after taking less Ambien dose?

Yes, it is possible for you to get good sleep even after taking very less dosage strength of Ambien. Since your body takes longer time to metabolize, the effectiveness would also take longer time to fade away.

Due to the taking of high dosage strength of Ambien than needed, you would only suffer from ill effects. So, taking it at the right dose would help you to sleep properly and avoid getting affected by side effects.